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 How to make Money! -GUIDE-

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How to make Money! -GUIDE- Empty
PostSubject: How to make Money! -GUIDE-   How to make Money! -GUIDE- EmptyMon Dec 19, 2011 11:24 am

Ok so people may be wondering how to make money, so I thought I would post a quick guide on here showing some ways to make cash.

1st Method- Thieving

Thieving, as always, Is a good way to start out. Not the best way to make cash but an option.
Head off the Skill Island, then go southeast and you will find some stalls.

How to make Money! -GUIDE- Stalls

The silk stall will give you 50k, now I know thats not alot, but It gets better.
The silver stall gives you 100k, and you can steal from It once you reach level 50.
The diamond stall gives you 150k, at level 75.
The fur stall gives you 200k, at level 98.

This Is a decent amount amount of cash, plus you will get a 99 fast.(Skillcape!!!)

2nd Method- King Black Dragon

KBD Is a better way to make cash than thieving, but It requires a decent CB level. The higher the better.
Ok to get to kbd you have to go to Home and click on this empty sack.

How to make Money! -GUIDE- Kbd_tele-1

Once you´re In, fight him, he Is pretty easy and when you kill him you get this, EVERYTIME!(100% Drop Rate)

How to make Money! -GUIDE- KBD_DROP

15M cash and a Zamorak Godsword, which can sell In the weapons shop for 30M. Thats 45M per kill, and you can usually kill 3 KBD per inventory of food, so thats 135M per run.

There are tons of ways to make cash, this Is just a starting guide, I felt like this Guide section wasn´t getting used Wink
If anyone has anything I should add let me know.

I do know a way of making A LOT of money, but It might get removed soon because It is too easy to make cash. I won´t tell you guys because it will ruin our chance of ever having a good economy.

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How to make Money! -GUIDE-
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