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 Better Hosting for you guys.

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PostSubject: Better Hosting for you guys.   Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:24 am

so i was telling my mom that i should have the router up stairs b/c i run a server and stuff.

She said: so we have to change stuff around the house just for you?

I said : no im changing stuff b/c i care about my peeps I love you and i love coding so i want to have 100% uptime ( i told her about how uptime is like a rating almost.)

Anyways she said yes. this means ill be wired into the router so ill always be online.... Razz

only reson the server will be offline is if the power goes out or mom misses the Bill so 2 slim resons why it might go off...

( mom need's internet for school so she always pays it lol.) Very Happy

Glad to be an owner with grate Staff guys.


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Better Hosting for you guys.
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