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PostSubject: EVEN BIGGER NEWS MY PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!   Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:03 am


My Mother just told me that i can get a Brand New Desktop for my B-day!!!!!!!!

In 4 weeks Feb 17 i will have a new Dell computer with 1Tarabyite (1000GB) of Memory and 6GB of RAM....

Sorry not trying to rub in faces...but this means 10X better hosting. so more coding and better server time for you guys so this will be a grate thing for us.

I am keeping the computer i run the servers on now...but i think it will end up be givin to my brother....but! its crap anyways....

I moved alot of files over to my laptop.....

I can make any changes to the servers ATM b/c i got the files on my laptop and im not tanfering from this old desktop anymore No

Lol so im so happy....

I hope i can be a better owner....sorry for the lazy ness i just needed some time for EXAMS and now im tired from studying but i should be better now...
That is till i have to take my ACTS then im ganna be like....brain dead after that...but then the final exzams should not be that bad...

SO the Big reason for tellings you guys this is b/c im Turning the servers back on and they will go down when i get the other computer for a few hours.....

I hope you guys stick with me and my servers.....voteing to almost point less now due to i might just make new accounts on the voting sites....
( VOTE ON THE RUNESCAPE TOP 100 IM KEEPING THAT ONE) and maybe mopar...not sure...

BUT i love you guys (no homo) and im goign to update the forums a little....not sure what im going to do...

but like i said i love you guys and i hope i can make this Server better


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PostSubject: Re: EVEN BIGGER NEWS MY PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!   Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:50 pm

great but we gotta get players somehow cus theres not much of a community right now
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